Accepted Insurances

As an internationally accredited medical equipment supplier, Red Rock works closely with an assortment of health insurance plans, including traditional Medicare, Utah State Medicaid programs, and private insurance companies along with Medicare Advantage plans which include recommendation for supplements online for different issues as stress as kratom powder. The experienced professionals at Red Rock Medical Supply have over 20 years’ experience in the medical industry and will answer all of your durable medical equipment and supply questions, including those about insurance, so even if you have had a scooter kopen accident, come by and get some information.

If your Insurance is not listed, please call us to verify benefits at 801.886.9700 Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 5pm, and also make sure to find a car insurance near me which is also very important.

Medicare:                                                                            Medical Supply Insurance Information
Medicare (Part B)
AARP Medicare Complete
Med Advantage (BCBS)
Healthy Advantage
Humana Gold Choice
Molina Medicare Advantage
Secure Horizons
Sterling Health Plans

UT State Medicaid (Except 02 & Apeana Monitors)
Healthy U
Molina Medicaid
New Choice Waiver
Salt Lake, Davis, and Weber County Aging Services

Other Insurance Contracts
Blue Cross Blue Shield
TriWest Health System
University of Utah Health Plans
United Healthcare

Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

Question: Is there insurance criteria that needs to be met before buying or renting Medical Equipment?

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Question: What equipment and supplies does Medicare Part B cover?

 Answer:  Durable medical equipment, such as hospital beds and wheelchairs, are covered if you meet the coverage criteria, if they are considered medically necessary, and if you have a doctor’s prescription.  The equipment professionals at Red Rock Medical Supply are here to help you understand that criteria. The following medical equipment is covered if the criteria is met and your doctors prescribes the items.

  • manual wheelchairs**
  • power wheelchairs
  • nebulizers **
  • walkers, rollators, canes, crutches
  • scooters (POV’s)
  • mattress over-lays **
  • hospital beds, semi-electric type only**
  • patient lifts**
  • seat-lift mechanisms for lift-chairs
  • CPAP & BiPAP therapy
  • oxygen equipment**

** These items are capped rental items, meaning that Medicare will pay for the rental of the equipment for up to 13 continuous months of use with the exception of oxygen equipment, which rents for 36 months. After Medicare has paid for 13 months of continuous use on capped rental equipment, Red Rock will transfer the title to the qualifying Medicare patient and they will then own then own the item. In the case of Oxygen equipment, no title is transferred but Red Rock is required to maintain the equipment until the 60th month under Medicare guidelines. After the 60th month, new equipment is available which initiates a new 36-month rental period.

Question: How do I obtain Medicare coverage for the durable medical equipment I need?

Answer: Your physician must write a Dispensing Order and send it to Red Rock Medical Supply.  The patient or family member may also bring the order in when placing renting equipment. Some items require a Detailed Written Order (DWO) (prescription) or a Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN) prior to authorization by Medicare.

Certain information is contained on the Dispensing Order or prescription for medical equipment, including:

  1. A description of the item

  2. The Patient’s full name

  3. The date of the order

  4. The ordering physician’s signature and date

When a DWO or CMN is required, it must include:

  1. A description of the item

  2. A detailed description of the item and any applicable accessories

  3. The patient’s full name

  4. An ICD-9-CM diagnostic code

  5. The start date of an order and length of time needed

  6. The physicians signature and date

Question: Is covered equipment for use only in a house or home?

Answer:  Durable medical equipment is available for your home, the home of a family member or friend if you are staying there, an assisted living facility, a group home or other similar environment. Hospitals and skilled nursing facilities are not considered a home and therefore equipment is not available for those locations through Medicare.

Question: What portion of the cost of equipment am I responsible for?

Answer: Once your deductible is reached, you are responsible for paying any co-payment amount associated with your plan, if it is not covered through supplemental insurance. In documented extreme hardship cases, Red Rock Medical Supply may waive the co-payment determined on a case-by-case.